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Stanley Wright (1861-bef1932)

Name: Stanley Wright1
Sex: Male
Alt. Name: Stanley Reynolds Wright2
Alt. Name: John William Wright3
Given Name Used: Stanley
Father: John Charles Wright (1828?-1904)
Mother: Caroline Ellen Brown (1829?-1871)
Spouse: Mary Ann Harper (1865?-1932)

Life Events and Attributes

Birth 27 May 1861 Plumstead, Kent, England4,5
Upper Ann Street
Census 2 Apr 1871 (age 9) Waltham Cross Cheshunt, Middlesex, England6
87 Crossbook Street
Occupation 3 Apr 1881 (age 19) Painter
Census 3 Apr 1881 (age 19) Kings Norton, Worcestershire, England7
2 Knutsford Street
Residence 15 Apr 1883 (age 21) Birmingham, Warwickshire, England8
Hill Street
Occupation 15 Apr 1883 (age 21) Decorator8
Census 5 Apr 1891 (age 28) Burton on Trent, Derbyshire, England9
161 Bradley Street, Stapenhill
Census 31 Mar 1901 (age 39) Kings Heath, Worcestershire, England10
40 Highbury Road, Kings Norton
Death btw 25 Oct 1919 and 24 Mar 1932 (age 58-70)11


Spouse Mary Ann Harper (1865?-1932)
Children Stanley Charles Wright (1883-1915)
Ellen Wright (1885- )
Mary Agnes Wright (1887- )
John William Wright (1889- )
Frederick Wright (1891- )
Susan Wright (1894?- )
Robert Wright (1896-1966)
Frank Leslie Wright (1898- )
James Daniel Wright (1899- )
Marriage 15 Apr 1883 (age 21) Birmingham, Warwickshire, England12,13
St. Luke's Church
Witnesses: J Marshall and D. Marshall
Family residence 5 Aug 1883 (age 22) Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire14
42 Broadway, Burton Extra

Individual Note (shared)

The many names of John (Stanley) (Reynolds)(William) Wright


1861 -- born as Stanley Reynolds Wright

1871,1881, 1891, 1901 -- appears in censuses as Stanley Wright

1883 -- marries as John Stanley Wright

1883 onwards -- children's birth certificates show him as Stanley Wright

1932 -- his widow dies recorded as the widow of John William Wright



May 1861:

Stanley Reynolds Wright, son of John Charles Wright (Painter and Glazier) and Caroline Ellen Wright (formerly Brown) born in Plumstead, Kent.


February 1871:

Ellen Wright wife of John Charles Wright (Photographer) dies at Crossbook Street, Cheshunt.


1871 census:

Stanley Wright (age 9, born Plumstead, kent) son of John C Wright (widower, photographer, born Kidderminster) resident in Crossbrook Street, Cheshunt, with his father, sister Agnes and brother George.


1881 census:

Stanley Wright (age 19, House Painter born Woolwich, Kent) son of John C Wright (House Decorator, born Kidderminster) resident in Knutsford Street, Kings Norton with his father, step-mother Elizabeth and brother George.


April 1883

John Stanley Wright (age 21, Decorator) son of John Wright (Decorator) married Mary Ann Harper in Birmingham.


August 1883:

Stanley Charles son of Stanley Wright (House Painter) and Mary Harper born in Burton Upon Trent.


1891 census:

John Wright (Photographer, born Kidderminster) resident in Lichfield with wife Elizabeth.

Stanley Wright(age 28, House Painter, born Birmingham) resident in Stapenhill, Burton on trent with wife Mary, son Stanley and 4 other children


January 1896:

Robert Wright son of Stanley Wright (House Painter Journeyman) and Mary Harper born in Kings Heath, Kings Norton,


1901 census:

John Wright (Photographer, born Kidderminster) resident in Lichfield with wife Elizabeth.

Stanley Wright (House Painter, born Plumstead) resident in Kings heath Kings Norton with wife Mary A and 9 children including sons Stanely C and Robert.


May 1904

John Charles Wright (Photographer) dies in Lichfield. Daughter Agnes M. Swain is present at the death.


September 1915

Stanley Charles Wright dies in Acocks Green, Birmingham.


October 1919:

Robert Wright (son of Stanley Wright painter) marries Dorothy Brookes in Sparkhill.


March 1932:

Mary Ann Wright widow of John William Wright a Journeyman House Painter dies in Kings Norton. Informant is son R. Wright resident at 189 Pool Farm Road, Acocks Green (where he and his wife lived all the rest of their lives -- helen Wright, his grand daugter remembers visiting them there as a child).

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